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October 09, 2010


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David Davisson

I think there's a clear difference between the Rs and the Ds on the use of gov't funds for infrastructure. I think we should be doing a lot more to improve infrastructure. Even borrowing a bunch to get things built and upgraded.

I don't believe there's that much difference between what the Obama administration is doing and what Goldsmith recommends.

Last year Mel Martinez asked Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Johnson what would happen if a federal court acquitted a "terrorist" detainee. Johnson replied:

"You raised the issue of what happens if there's an acquittal, and in my judgment, as a matter of legal authority...if a review panel has determined this person is a security threat...and should not be released, if for some reason he is not convicted for a lengthy prison sentence, then as a matter of legal authority I think it's our view that we would have the ability to detain him."

Even if acquitted the position of the Obama administration is that "terrorists" can be held indefinitely.

I'm sure I don't need to go on about how the Obama administration is extending Bush-era policies diminishing the rule of law. (Or, if I do, let me know. Sadly there are abundant examples of the Obama administration rejecting the rule of law.)

I think the only choice to improve things is to vote liberal (and if you can't find a liberal to vote for, vote for a Democrat). I also find Goldsmith's argument appalling.

But while you may be against what Goldsmith is arguing for, and I may be against it, there's lot of evidence that Obama embraces it.

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