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August 10, 2011


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But the Affordable Care Act is NOT socialized medicine. Those on the far right, which seem to be all that is left of republicans in office these days, claim that this is so; but this is utter nonsense.

There is no single-payer, though that would make it MUCH more efficient and less expensive--pronounced "cost much less!" There was way too much ranting and raving about single-payer, so the Affordable Care Act is still all about private insurance companies.

What in the world does that have to do with socialized medicine? Oh, because of the mandate? Apparently, many of our not-paying-attention fellow-citizens prefer having their insurance rates continue to sky-rocket because those who "choose" not to purchase health insurance and then just go to the emergency room when they are incredibly sick, so sick they can't afford to pay what it will cost. That means that YOU and I pay that bill by having our insurance rates go up.

Please explain how that is fair. Please explain why they can mandate that WE WILL PAY FOR THEIR MEDICAL BILLS and have our insurance rates go up, but WE can not mandate that they purchase health insurance so that the bills are spread around. Please explain that.

Especially because the Act includes subsidies for those who absolutely can't afford it. Those who have fought this Act are just not paying attention or, of course, part of the group who just want Obama to fail so much that they don't care if the country fails, too.

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